3 definitions by MC Shrivel Ball

A godlike MC who has balls that shrivel up to the size of peas from the size of walnuts. He rehydrate them in urine in order to rejuvenate their size
Hello y'all I'm MC Shrivel Ball
Here to tell you about my balls
And, um uhh how they shrivel up
To the size of peas from the size of walnuts

I have to dip them in some piss
To rehydrate them it feels so bliss
Just because I'm a freak of nature
Doesn't mean you have to be a hater
by MC Shrivel Ball August 17, 2021
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A fact that may or may not be useless, but a person named Ralph knows it and it's a very Ralphy fact.
Ralph:"Yo wuz good man did you know pee is stored in the ballzzz???"

Person:"Eyyy man I didn't know that, that's a dope ass Ralph fact!"

Ralph:"Hellz yeah man plus my wife left me"
by MC Shrivel Ball May 30, 2021
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The act of putting your socks on when inhaling paint fumes and sleep deprivation catch up to you
Person 1: Eyy bro I'm really tired and I'm feeling gooood after inhaling these paint fumes

Person 2:You gotta put yer sockchs onnn
by MC Shrivel Ball August 5, 2021
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