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When the biggest piece of shit so called man you know hyphenates his last name to appease his wife (who by the way has a vagina that resembles a clown car and smells of petuli), thus loosing his balls and becoming a unic. Then has children that have hyphenated names, bringing an astronomical amount of douche-bagginess to this earth.
Can you believe that new guy in creative? His name is Robert Rice-Smith, he is a total hyphengina
by LunchB0x6669 October 08, 2009

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When you leave the loaded condom in the bitches ass you just donkey punched. She awakens to find the condom is full and still in her ass.
Dude i wish i could see her face when she finds out she got donkey ala cream'd

Waking up from being donkey punched Parkay discovered that she had been served donkey ala cream; the condom was stuck between her but cheeks
by LunchB0x6669 August 05, 2009

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When a woman's tits are so small that they resemble the concaved shape of a crater
Damn did you see that bitch? Her crater tits could collect enough water to solve drought issues in Africa!
by LunchB0x6669 July 29, 2009

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Underage butterfaced girl
Damn! You see that highschool girl? She was a total Pedo Butterface.

Did you hear Mike got that highschool girl pregnant? He is a total Pedo Butterface Babies Daddy now!
by Lunchb0x6669 March 17, 2010

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After not showering for 4-5 days and having sex
"We have been camping for 5 days I am not giving you any", "c'mon baby lets go have bum sex in the tent
by LunchB0x6669 September 10, 2009

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