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A phrase said by horny motherfuckers looking at ass pics. Often found in the comment sections of accounts on instagram, onlyfans, and twitter. If you find one, turn him over to the horny police
Hot girl: Posts ass pic
Simp: Do it fart tho?
Simp police officer: -sigh- really man? Really? Do it FART? I seen some down bad motherfuckers in my day, but you....you take the cake.
Simp: Anything for her cake 🥺🥺🥺
Policeman: Just get in the damn car
by LtLemonade January 13, 2021
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A Spanish priest who founded San Diego, and several Christian missions in western America. His legacy is somewhat controversial, due to the fact that many accuse him of mistreating the natives there. While it is true he was with many conquistadors who brutalized the natives, he actually led many protests for them, and created a document guaranteeing rights for the many Natives that lived there.
There is only one definition of Juniperro Serra on this site, and it doesn't talk about him at all. That's why I wrote this.
by LtLemonade March 15, 2021
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A somewhat controversial hentai comic, centered around the show Star vs the Forces of Evil. There are many hentai comics pertaining to this show, but for some reason, this one is somewhat more known than most others.

Many people call into question the fact that the main characters of the show (who are present in the comic) are 15, and are therefore underage.
"Yo dude, I read this pretty good hentai, it's called Between Friends."
"Aren't the kids like, 15 or something? Doesn't that count as child porn?"
"Nah it's just a comic."
by LtLemonade February 14, 2021
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Caked In Makeup. It refers to an attractive girl who wears too much makeup, to the point where she looks less attractive than she did before.
Jake: "Holy fuck look at Jenna"
Jeff: "Oh god, she's got a pound of makeup on"
-Jenna walks up-
Jenna: "Hey boys, notice anything"
Jeff: "Yeah, you look like James Charles"
Jake: "I never thought you'd be a CIM, but here you are....such a dissapointment"
by LtLemonade September 1, 2020
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A bloodthirsty psychopath who ruled Uganda for 8 years, from 1971 to 1979. He seized power in a coup by hiring assassins to kill those in his way, gradually working up the line of succession. After he seized power, he began killing his army soldiers, as well as trying to deport Asian people.

A year or so after he gained power, he began killing thousands of tribe members. He would keep some of the people's heads in his refrigerator, and they would often feed people to crocodiles. At the height of his presidency, 50 people were thrown into a river each day.

He ended up getting his ass kicked when the military became loyal to his vice president. He escaped to Saudi Arabia, and then lived out the rest of his days in Libya.

His kill count is estimated at 500,000.
That Idi Amin was crazy, I hope we never have anyone like that in power.
by LtLemonade February 6, 2021
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One of the worst people in history

He was Belgium's king from 1865-1909, and created a nation known as the Congo Free State in 1878.

During this time, rubber was needed more than ever. So he enslaved the population, and forced them to harvest rubber, which he would later sell. If people didn't meet quotas, their hands would be severed, or they'd be flogged. Those who refused to work were executed. He conscripted a private army known as the Force Publique, and drafted members from local tribes

During this time, they had to import their ammo from Europe, which was very expensive. They also fought wars with local tribes. So they made a system to save ammo: When his soldiers killed a man for not fulfilling the quota, they cut off his hand as proof. But the soldiers used the ammo to hunt, so to cover for the loss of bullets, they cut people's hands off while they were still alive. They would also use machetes in order to save ammo. They even cannibalized their victims.

One Christian pastor who came to this region described the horrors, noting "Wicker baskets filled with human hands. Every day, handless bodies would wash down the river. The houses of the overseers were adorned with human skulls in the front yard." The Belgian government eventually colonized the region, bringing an end to the Congo Free State.

It is estimated this killed over 10 million people in the Congo, roughly half the population. Yet, he is barely known in the world, only in Belgium and Africa.
More people should know who Leopold II was.
by LtLemonade March 14, 2021
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A very dark fanfic, notorious among fans of Animaniacs.

Basically, the plot is about the oldest Warner sibling, Yakko getting in a fight with his brother Wakko and his sister Dot. He then drinks a glass of milk, and due to being lactose intolerant, it fucks him up. The fanfic is about him going through nightmarish hallucinations, and being driven to the brink of insanity. The few times he's awake, he's split between love for his siblings, and blind hatred. Most of the nightmares involve his siblings dying, and two demonic voices telling him he's worthless. If you wanna read it, be careful, it can seriously mess you up.
"This seems like a good fanfic, 'The milk fic'"
"Don't read that dude. I read it, and it seriously messed me up for like, a week."
"Sorry, I didn't hear y-" -gets messed up for a week-
by LtLemonade February 14, 2021
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