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Word used to describe someone who regularly uses cannabis or weed or is very stoned at any one time.
ur Such a Wicker ,Man!
by Tom the wicker February 18, 2008
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A variation of 'Wicked'. Best prefixed with 'Absolutely' for maximum effect.
Roger, this guacamole tastes absolutely wickers.

I do not feel wickers after eating that shrimp coleslaw.
by lilinrose March 30, 2012
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Bajan (barbadian) slang for lesbian...
She seems like wicker fi me
by weez August 30, 2005
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able to consumer massive amounts of intoxicating substances, well hung BBC, one who starts the cool trends with extra medium t-shirts, flawless sense of style
"oh my god i'm so wasted, but wicker is still going"...(lady from the back of the room) "i hear he has a nice package!"
by wicker February 05, 2005
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