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there you go/it will be done and sorted
to run a ps2 game you put in in the games console and bob's your uncle
by loz November 27, 2003
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A brilliant act or performance, standing above all others.
Wow, that guy really ricocheed during that game!
by loz July 24, 2003
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Eggs. Used by brookstar and in clockwork orange.
"munching on some eggywegs"
by Loz March 16, 2005
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sneaky person.relating to tha word chief,a chief usually acts sneaky.also tha word sniefy can be used tha same way azwell az sniefly
nigga:yo fuckin sniefy snief!
by Loz January 15, 2005
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The bus by which many community groups travel about. Often one may see such buses filled with intellectually challenged youths sticking either thumbs or fingers up in the window. Common usage is similar to the taxi cry when someone performs or says something stupid. One can suggest the came or ought to leave on said spacker bus.
friend falls over a paving stone

BUCKLE!! Get back on the Spacker Bus!
by loz January 07, 2004
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1) Momentary outbusrt of stupidity

2)A synonym of Spacker

3)A physical fit eg Panic attack, Shaking
1) Is the black market legal? SPACK ATTACK

2)You love the cock you stupid spack attack

3)she seemes fine until her shaking, was a proper spack attack

by loz January 05, 2004
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To have sexual intercourse with someone
Bob: How long were you round Susan's last night?

Dave: Not long, i slipped her the length and then went to the pub.
by Loz January 04, 2004
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