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The act of judging people by their looks, monetary status, clothes or car, rather than looking deep inside at their heart, personality, etc.
see also Paris Hilton
by Louie January 04, 2005

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The title of any alcohalic beverage that enables you to approach and conversate with people more freely.
"after downing some of that Liquid Courage, man I was on point with them hoes.
by Louie July 13, 2004

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Female with a nice rounded buttocks
The female you was with in the club had a phatass.
by louie July 15, 2003

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The other woman. Also see Goomad.
My side piece is tight!
by Louie March 15, 2005

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Italian Term for the broad you're banging on the side. The other woman.
Send the wife to the salon so I could bang my goomad.
by Louie March 15, 2005

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the manly love juice;skeet the other white fluid
when i was rubbin one out with my girlfriend;i skeeted in her eye.she said"owwwww my eye", "you skeeted in my eye;at least go for the mouth"..."jane you ignorant trifling bitch";he replied; "whateva,whateva i'll do what i want"
by louie February 06, 2005

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Someone that is obese, also like obea
Louis is obea because he ate the pantry
by Louie September 28, 2003

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