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What caused the decline in western toys.
Woody: "What about the gold mine, and the cute little critters, and the dynamite? It was a great show, why cancel it?"
Stinky Pete: "Two words: Sputnik. Once the astronauts went up, children only wanted to play with space toys."
Woody: "I know how that feels."
by LouBlu08 June 21, 2021
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Used to "censor" words on the internet.
F**k you!
by LouBlu08 April 22, 2021
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A bad year for humanity, as a mass pandemic spread all around the world.
Person 1: Hey, remember 2020?
Person 2: Yeah, it was dreadful.
by LouBlu08 May 15, 2021
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Stands for White, Black, Asian, Mexican, Other.
"What type do I prefer, i'll say all, WBAMO!
by LouBlu08 July 27, 2021
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Winning only $1.50, when you could have won $1,000,000.
Person 1: Hey, look, I won the lottery!
Person 2: Congratulations, how much did you win?
Person 1: $1.50!
Person 2: ...
by LouBlu08 April 11, 2021
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