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Pronounced Americas+ians, similarly to Barbadosians. When pronounced in this way, it refers to people living in the Americas as a long-term place of residence. Not to be confused with American Asians (pronounced Americ+asians). In writing the difference between the two can be determined by context. Also not to be confused with Americans (people living in the United States of America as a permanent resident).

Altogether it is a name that could be easily confusing! But it is more convenient than saying "people living in the Americas".
This Zoom call is at 2:30 am to 5:30 am in California. So generally speaking, it is probably not the best time to join for Americasians!
by LotusDrop December 13, 2020
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Opposition to authoritarianism. Beliefs include no absolute faith in authority; appealing to reason, logic and evidence; equality before the law and civil liberties, and rejection of appealing to authority to prove an argument as a logical fallacy. Anti-authoritarianism has been associated with the counterculture movement and sub-cultures such as punks (and offshoots such as cyberpunk and unicorn punk), beatniks, and hippies; and the bohemian movement.
The accession to power of notoriously unpopular populist politicians such as Hitler and Donald Trump has been a spur for anti-authoritarianism.
by LotusDrop February 25, 2018
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To briefly mention and make reference to a topic that is covered in detail later.
From learncpp.com at the end of lesson 7.12a: "Exception handling is an advanced C++ topic, and we cover it in much detail in chapter 15 of this tutorial." Then at the beginning of lesson 14.1: "we punted on one further topic that we will now cover: exceptions."
by LotusDrop July 18, 2017
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1. The Sanskrit word meaning space or sky. (c. who knows? forever?)

2. The Force. The Fifth Element. The memory of god. Spirit: the human spirit and soul. All-encompassing spirit and energy of the Goddess and God. A religious(hinduism) idea from the middle east or east middle or somewhere around there. A fluffy new age concept. (c. ...a long long time ago.)

3. The 'Mother of all Vampires' who became a vampire through some stupid spirit entering through a stupid piercing. (circa 4011 BC, but actually, Anne Rice didn't publish her damned queeny book 'til 1988).

4. A girl's name. (c. 1984)

5. A decentralized, peer-to-peer social network and decentralized app (dapp) that takes features from various social networks, such as Steemit, Medium and Reddit. A beta was released in late 2017 and will probably slow down Ethereum if released as the latter is without sharding.

Is it Steemit? You can get rewarded for curating and creating content, but no, it isn't.

Is it Twitter? No, not really. Is it Reddit? You can upvote or downvote, and it has karma, but no, it's not Reddit.

Is it Medium? The style for creating posts is similar to Medium, but no, it's not.

Is it Facebook? You can have chats like Facebook.

Is it Pinterest? You can create boards like Pinterest, where they contain articles, rather than just images.

Is it zeronet or Tor? It's peer-to-peer and a dapp, but no, it's not.
1. What a clear akasha we have today.

2. Use The Akasha, Luke.

3. Among the most noted of Akasha's superior vampire traits were her ability to have kinky vampire sex, walk in the sun, and kill everyone.

4. Akasha, you're a convoluted monkey foof.

5. Aaliyah was a sucky-suck choice for the role of Akasha.

6. Have you tried out Akasha's beta release? It's exciting to use!
by LotusDrop January 18, 2018
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Ethereum is a "blockchain app platform", and a "world computer".

It has Ether as a volatile cryptocurrency, with the ticker ETH. The price of ETH drops when Ethereum hodlers read news headlines like "The founder of Ethereum died in a car crash", or there are scams with initial token offerings, or ITOs. The network slows down during ITOs, or when apps are used too much, such as when too many people play a game for trading digital cats, called Cryptokitties.

It's "a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.

"These apps run on a custom built blockchain, an enormously powerful shared global infrastructure that can move value around and represent the ownership of property.

"This enables developers to create markets ... and many other things ... all without a middleman or counterparty risk.

The project was bootstrapped via an Ether ICO in August 2014.

Developers and researchers are working on various improvements improvements to the protocol and ecosystem, e.g. as described in a thread on ethresear.ch.
Alice: Have you heard of Ethereum?

Bob: Nope, what is it?

Alice: It's a blockchain app platform.
by LotusDrop February 26, 2018
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A culture that adopts the iconoclastic anti-authoritarianism of punk but instead of transgressing social norms by dressing in red and black, dresses ostentatiously flamboyant—often with lots of colors, rainbows, or overall absurdity, such as unicorns or unicorn variants of animals (which are also a symbol of making something unique and extraordinary in software development), high tech like UFOs (possibly symbolising something malicious or threatening) and unicorns under construction, and ancient Greek cats (possibly symbolising wisdom).
It's easy to know someone is telling you how it is when they dress in unicorn punk.
by LotusDrop February 25, 2018
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