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The SIG SG gun on Counter-Strike that n00bs use as an excuse for dying.
"I'm a n00b, but I can hide it by blaming my death on autosnipers!"
by LostPenguin September 07, 2004
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A nickname for the two sniper rifles in Counter-Strike that don't have to be cocked after every shot.

In the older verions of CS it was a more powerful gun (the G3, originally available to both teams) that flew under the radar despite people like me dominating with it to the point of disbelief and worship by opponents and teammates. Like the current auto snipers, the G3 was never accurate on the first shot which made shooting, retreating, and shooting again impossible.

When it was given increased accuracy, people started to complain about it. Then the accuracy was lowered again and another auto sniper was introduced and the two became team-specific.

It is often banned even when the 'AWP' isn't because people get frustrated when they are killed by an auto sniper, not because it is an uber gun like the AWP. The Scout is never banned, and is "silenced" which is why you can't hear it from a distance.

The auto snipers are more difficult to use than the regular snipers since you have to sit in the same spot and shoot very slowly to be accurate and can easily be killed by someone not in your scope or anyone with a regular sniper. Because of this it is rarely used and is only good under very specific conditions.
i freaking hate gettng kiled by a auto sniper !
by stealthypantystealer August 08, 2009
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A contradictory and juvenile nickname given to the German G3 SG-1 sniper rifle. Mostly used in Counter-Strike, in which most players are too ignorant to notice the flaws in their "gamer" terminology. It is hard to imagine where this nickname comes from, as in the the game, the rifle does not have the full-automatic firing capability.
Jeff: W4tch 0ut j00 nubs i'11 k1ck j00r a$$ wif my l337 auto sniper LOL!

Me: Auto sniper? Snipers are people, not guns, you dumbfuck.
by Sgt N00dle January 14, 2007
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A wicked gun from Counter-Strike that requires some skill to use. It Fires about 20 bullets. This gun is good for Terrorists but the Counter Terrorist Version Sucks the big Cak with its horrible accuracy.
I pwned your n00b ass with the auto sniper.
by TerrorFox June 26, 2004
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