The SIG SG gun on Counter-Strike that n00bs use as an excuse for dying.
"I'm a n00b, but I can hide it by blaming my death on autosnipers!"
by LostPenguin September 7, 2004
The Autosnipers (Automatic Sniper Rifles) are the two most expensive weapons in CS:GO (at $5000 each). As they are insanely accurate, have essentially no recoil, and have excellent armor penetration, they are considered to be the most busted guns in the game. Though they might seem like obvious choices, given their point-and-click nature, buying either of the autosnipers will have you labeled as a noob. They are considered no-skill weapons by all but the lowest-ranked players and rarely make their way into competitive play.
"Bro, did you just buy one of the autosnipers, you noob!"
"I clicked it by mistake, I swear!!!"
by SteamShovel November 29, 2020
A guy whos playing an full automatic sniper rifle and kills you.
Guy: Yeah 4 kills in a row!
by TheGuyWhoLovesRiasAndPlaysAWP November 14, 2016