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Term used to define Deercamp when he crawled under the school bleachers to get bj's "sack"...
what's that sick moaning coming from under the bleachers??? oh that's just Combat Chrissy
by Loser June 26, 2003
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This phrase means "blow of mercy" in french, and is used to describe the deathblow intended to end the suffering of a mortally wounded victim.

It can also be used figuratively to refer to a finishing touch of any sort.

While the correct pronunciation is similar to "coo de grahce". It (in english) is usually pronounced as "coo de gra"...with the final "s" sound being left out.
The elven hero, upon seeing his former nemesis struggling for breath, performed a quick coup de grace, ending its suffering.

George had never had much luck with these matters, and
after all that'd happened, losing his wallet was the coup de grace that spurred him to tears.
by Loser June 19, 2006
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Alternate spelling of "Feds" in what is known as 'l33t' or leet slang internet langage.

Additionallty known as 'Elite F3dz' an online gaming group.
f3dz w3r3 411 0v3r t3h h4x0r
translation: feds were all over the hacker
by Loser July 27, 2004
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not so good of a movie....awesome sondtrack.....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
the evil squirrels are hungry.....we must escape thier paths of destruction. run u pitiful excuse for a cheeselog....RUN!!!!!
by Loser December 30, 2004
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Fear of homosexuals, usually found in guys. Truthfully makes no sense, considering lesbians are homosexuals. Can we say "double standard"?
Homophobic Guy:John is such a fag. Lets
go beat him up!
2nd Homophobic Guy: Nah man, lets go
ask Jane and her gilrfirend to let
us watch them have sex!I love
by Loser December 30, 2004
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big fat woman that is ugly and easy
by Loser July 17, 2003
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