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The narrator of Vladimir Nabokov's 'Lolita'. Humbert (who is about 36) falls in love with Lolita (who is around 12 when he first meets her), and the two have a bizarre sexual relationship, even though he is her stepfather. Humbert is a complex character, and despite the fact he ruined Lolita's childhood, readers often end up pitying him at the end of the book, when he declares his love for Lolita and tries to fix what he has done by trying to protect Lolita.
Teacher : It's not wrong to feel sorry for Humbert when you finish the book.
by HelloHumbert July 07, 2013
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1. An adult (usually male) who harbors and/or expresses inappropriate affections for a minor. From the character of the same name in Vladmir Nabokov's infamous novel Lolita.

2. An inanimate object of the same description.
"My French teacher just stares at the cheerleaders all during class. He's such a Humbert!"
by loveyouto October 01, 2005
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A humbert is a pedophile. Named after Humbert Humbert, the predatory main character of Lolita.
My homie is almost 30, and he's dating a 15 year old. He's some kind of humbert, I'm telling you.
by Eric L. February 11, 2004
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