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The most beautiful thing to walk this planet!
Tosha is the most beautiful thing to walk the planet and the editors that reject this are mad that i go out with her and they dont!
by Loganisdbomb July 10, 2006
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Someone who alredey has their mind made up and preset towards a one sided view of a situation
99.9% of UD editors are bias
by Loganisdbomb July 16, 2006
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It's a place that people act like is such a bad crime infested place with a hobo on each corner like all these suburban kids like to discribe the ghetto when in fact it's not THAT bad! Not everyone does drugs and kills people! I'm not saying ghetto is the best place to raise a family but no one picks on other kids in the ghetto because everyone can understand why someone's clothes arent always brand fucking new. It is a wonderful place to live as long as you dont fuck with the gangbangers. keep in mind though not every kid with baggy clothes and a durag on is a gangbanger that just means he probly just likes rap...
I live in the innercity(ghetto said in a positive way) of Columbus, Ohio and i don't think its bad at all...
by Loganisdbomb July 11, 2006
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A dieseise that emos spread to people to get fame and have someone to cry with. It spreads when you are touched by one or have intercourse with one.
"oh no.... pants turning into sisters... shirt tighting... wrist bleeding... urge to listen to hawthorne heights. oh my god no!!! i got emovitus!!!"
by Loganisdbomb June 08, 2006
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Basicly a chickenhead sept they're more local...
If you wanna know a good example of a BLOCK HEAD take a look at YOUR MOTHER!!!!
by Loganisdbomb July 09, 2006
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Kids who dye the hair black and for some reason see the need to cry and wear girl pants all the time while cutting themselves for attention while listening to Hawthorne Heights.

Also known as the kids whos asses I kick on a day-to-day basis.
some emo boy- "wanna come to the bathroom to cut your wrist and cry with me?"
Me- "no.... you gay..."
Some emo boy- "thats it im kicking your ass your ass!"
Me- "no your not..."
some emo boy- "yes i----"
then I knock the emo boy the fuck out
by Loganisdbomb June 08, 2006
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Non-existing... All emos are anorxics whom are all malnorished so they stay so underwait midgets have like 20 pounds on them...
"Im such an emo hunk!" said the emo kid while flexing his 90 pound body.
by Loganisdbomb July 08, 2006
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