a durag is something people wear on their heads. usually used for WAVE CHECK.
"take off the durag, let me see them waves."
by niggo_mode April 17, 2019
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The religion of wearing and praising the many benifits of wearing a du-rag.
The du-rag and I are one, the du-rag is holy, the du-rag is wavy. These are the basic principles of duragism.
by Vegaskid2947 March 29, 2018
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A verb or pronoun used when doing something the homies all respect.
Wow that steak was fire, that’s some Durag activity.
by Baby Keem April 14, 2022
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McDurag's First album featuring 5 songs, the most successful one being Thanos is purple.
The Durag Album is the first album released by McDurag.
by ZaWardou October 27, 2020
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Nah this dude with the durag energy beat the shit outta lil dude with the black air forces. He not playing around. Lil dude lucky he alive.
by tchngcq April 14, 2023
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Someone who looks like shit in the morning and shits themselves in the car and blames it on others
Walking into a store: Justin: holy shit Genevieve: what? Justin: you look like a fuckin wet durag
by Wet Durag man September 11, 2019
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