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I came across this term a few weeks ago. I know its stupid. I know its not worth it. But this gave me new hope in humanity. A new faith in the quality of the human race. So, give it up for butthole rustler. Save The USA. Believe in the power of buttholes. When you see that perv walking down the street, remember me. remember hope. Call him a butthole rustler. Spread the love. Because if you're reading this, you are our future, our only hope, godspeed.
God Save America
God save buttholes.
Dirty Minded Phil sticks his finger up his arse.
by LikeDAtAssSHit October 1, 2019
When you don't want your mum looking at your search history because its full of anime porn.
Dude: Ahh my mum caught me at it again!
Dude 2: You know, going incognito will solve all of your problems. Its a life skill.
by LikeDAtAssSHit October 8, 2019
A fat ass rolly polly fuck face who likes shaking hands too hard and grabbing womans private parts.

He used to be in a tv show that probably hightened the number of fat ass perverts like him. What a cunt. What a slag.

Our beautiful fucking president.
All worship Donald Trump our great fat ass fuck faced president
All fuck up and shit on your nazi asses! HAil the church of the supreme donald and the support from the church of scientology. mental health
dosent exist dum asses.
by LikeDAtAssSHit October 1, 2019
When you just too lasy to spell oh dear.
like fam who has tim for dat shit.
Lik spellang is overatedd.
Oh der I dropped de weed out the window

oh der its the popo man dey pull me ovah!
by LikeDAtAssSHit October 1, 2019
A huge pump shotgun that I will fire up your ass if you steal
my weed.

Used similarly to "popping a cap up your ass".
ie. shooting a gun up someone´s rectal passage.
Gangsta 1: Oy m8 back off my lawn before I bring out my pump shotty!
Random dude: Shit Relax dude!
by LikeDAtAssSHit October 3, 2019
1. A character in the 1994 classic "Pulp Fiction" The dialogue goes like this:
Fabienne: "Whose chopper is this?"
Butch: "It's Zed's."
Fabienne: "Who's Zed?"
Butch: "Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead."
2) The verbal pronunciation of the letter z.
1)Fabienne: "Whose motorcycle is this?"
Butch: "It's a chopper, baby."
Fabienne: "Whose chopper is this?"
Butch: "It's Zed's."
Fabienne: "Who's Zed?"
Butch: "Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead."
2) wxyz (the alphabet)
by LikeDAtAssSHit October 2, 2019
A word is a word . Wordly words . Wordly wordly wordy words. I mean, isnt that just simple .
Hey man is dat a word.
yep its a word u see
how do u describe word
uhh its a word.

Right fam got it.
by LikeDAtAssSHit October 1, 2019