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Fabienne has the quirkest laugh and the prettiest eyes you could ever see on anyone. her long blond hair and farmers shirt style is sexy and original and she can only be described as funny as hell. she will help you up when you fall down and once you have her you never want to let go. if you want a freind that will always be there to support you and stand by your side through the hardest of times, holding a cigarette ready just in case you need it, then you dont have to look anywhere else. she could be a thousand miles away and still never leave your side, and her great taste in music makes her even more like-able.i love this girl and am the luckiest person alive i think. her laugh is addictive and once she smiles then everyone else does too. anyonne can easliy falll in love just because she is who she is and will not change for anyone. all you want to do is spend an afternoon drinking coffee, talking to her because she understands better than anyonce else... I love you Fabienne
Funny, Sarcastic, beautiful, sexy, Friend, Fabienne
by Duckydoo September 03, 2012
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Fabiënne is a real virgin slut. She is also a hard cockblocker. For example: her best friend has a boyfriend and Fabiënne cockblocks them all the time!
“Who is that cockblocker?”
I guess her name is Fabiënne.”
by UDgirll March 18, 2018
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