921 definition by Light Joker

an act of defacation, a bowel movement
Remeber to take the dog outside so he can do number two.
by Light Joker November 01, 2006

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1. potent liqour

2. liquid PCP
He was caught with embalming fluid.
by Light Joker March 22, 2007

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The criminal syndicate in Pokemon Colosseum, who tries to take over the world by distributing Shadow Pokemon. Nascour is second in command to Evice, the criminal who leads the syndicate.
In Pokemon Colosseum, Team Snaggem was hired by Cypher to use the snag machines to snag the pokemon that would become Shadow Pokemon.
by Light Joker May 26, 2004

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nasal mucus(see also snot rocket)
Yuck! I got snot on my new clothes.
by Light Joker November 23, 2004

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an annoying person.(named for an insect that lays It's eggs in fruit)
Leave me alone you little fruit fly.
by Light Joker September 13, 2004

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The testicals(a jocular euphemism, from the fact that the testicals are necesary to produce a family)
Mom, he kicked me in the family jewels.
by Light Joker September 17, 2004

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old fashioned, out of style
That show is so old skool.
by Light Joker March 01, 2005

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