38 definitions by LeX

A cool, shexy way of saying "hot". Made famous by Paris Hilton
"Simon Cowell is hawt."
by LeX May 25, 2005
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An homosexual ; a man who engages as the active partner in anal sex with another man. From "jobby" (faecal solid) + "jab" (to prong or spear). It should be noted that some may consider this term offensive - it is favoured by homophobes due to its low potential for "re-appropriation" by the homosexual community (see example).
Gay Pride celebration ; Queer Pride celebration ; Jobby-jabber Pride celebration.
by LeX November 24, 2004
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One of the best, if not the best, mob movie of all time. Starring Robert DiNero, Joe Pesci (did I spell that right?), Ray Liotta, and Lauren Brocko. (did i spell that wrong, too?)
Its one fawk ova movie. It's tied, or over GodFather.
Made to follow the life of mobster Henry Hill.
"As far back as I can remember Ive always wanted to be a gangster." Henry Hill, Brooklyn 1955.
by LeX May 25, 2005
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smoking marijuana in a vehicle or room until it is filled with smoke.
we smoked a blunt in the S500, it was hotboxed in 5 minutes.
by LeX February 13, 2003
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1. How are you?
2. Refers more to someone a person hasn't seen in a long time.
how you dawg? how you been.
by LeX October 06, 2004
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Bat-and-ball game originating in Britain, where it is called “Rounders” and is principally played by schoolgirls.
At any given time it involves one pitching-&-fielding team, who must dismiss the batsmen by throwing the ball past them to a catcher, and one batting team who must strike the ball in such away as to enable them to run between the “plates” or “bases” and so amass points.

Apparently also played by grown men, in the Colonies.
Q : Will you be watching the baseball?
A : What, rounders? My good man, watching schoolgirls is *illegal* in my country.
by LeX November 25, 2004
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Sufficiently mentally unstable to attempt intercourse with a bat.
Dan Quayle is an ass clown, but his wife is batfuck crazy.
by LeX November 24, 2004
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