Having two lives, one of which you do not want other's to know about.
The life that everyone believes is your "true" life is one of complacency and subtlety, one in which the person is generally unassuming and does whatever they are told. However, in the second, "secret" life, the true essence of the person is displayed, and is generally only revealed to coworkers and/or close friends. Sometimes, the person may go their whole life without anyone ever revealing their true identity, as they may not be accepted for who they really are by the ones they love. This is the classic scenario for many super heros and young girls whos parents are from "the old country" and dont want their AMERICAN KIDS to experience an AMERICAN lifestyle.
Charles: Hey Amanda, whats up? Can you hang out?
Amanda: No, I have stay home, my parents are here. They are from another country, and they dont accept me hanging out with american kids. They dont know about my double life yet.
Charles: That sucks. Oh well, want to see a movie later?
Amanda: Sure, I'll just tell them i'm working. They're pretty gullible, they'll buy anything I tell them.
Charles: Sweet!
by Babadoo September 24, 2007
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Taking 2 lives away from a Quasar player in 1 second...

Then screaming in their face "Double Life you CUNT"
I gave darren a double life right in the face in the UK Armageddon
by No SIR August 15, 2006
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When your Bestfriend dates your crush and she/he knows god damn well you Like that person
This double crossing no life bitch took my man from me ;-;
by IGotCheatedOn;-; February 10, 2018
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