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Just another talentless individual with a gimmick, his happens to be a fake accent, but like all other sad pathetic rappers of today he will be gone and forgetten in about a year
Before his downfall chingy will probably try and start a record management company that will fail miserably, then probably try and start a clothing line which will also fail miserably and then finally everyone will forget about him
by Lestat February 21, 2004
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1. n. Generic insult used after a (friend / acquaintance) does something embarrassing, or stupid.

2. adj. Used to describe someone who even when among nerds, looks nerdy and out of place.
stop being a dorkface...
by Lestat April 27, 2004
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a mosh pit is a good place to vent agression and jump on townies
eg heaven and hell barsnley uk
by lestat July 09, 2004
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exagerated large number used in fight club (the book)
back a bah-zillion years ago
by Lestat December 15, 2003
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The perceived difference in the amount of time passed between multiple events, although, in reality, the same amount of time has passed.
The best example of cronobimodism is the perceived slowness of time passing while at work (especially at a job you hate) and quickness of time passing during a day off.
by Lestat March 05, 2005
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A band who true "goths" or so they seem to think themselves hate because they are popular, and they are popular because people like them for the wrong reasons. They aren't really black metal, as they have become far too cartoony and are almost making fun of themselves, but as musicians they can play their instruments well, better than any punk band.
by Lestat November 03, 2003
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mmorpg term meaning, Run like a Bitch

usuially used in bad situations.
omg, rlab you fucktard
by Lestat April 27, 2004
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