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A freeloader is someone who exploits chances to get free stuff whenever possible.
1) Lil' Kid John never did learn any manners. He especially had a hard time figuring why he shouldn't hog all the candy from the free candy bowl at the shop.

2) Jack had all the connections he needed and knew where all the parties were. Thus every night he didn't have to pay for the alcohol nor the dinner. Nobody liked Jack.
by Lazareth Link March 02, 2005

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1: The british variation of the word which the Americans spell as "color".

2: A cause of lengthly and meaningless discussions over which way to spell the word is superior.
A: Bloody hell, it is spelt coloUr!
B: Hell no, it is spelt color! Without a u!
C: Whatever guys...
by Lazareth Link February 11, 2005

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Can mean
1: Not going to happen
2: Not allowed to try
3: Not being given the go-ahead
4: Not allowed to use your throw in Backgammon (and possibly other games)

Example of antonym: "green light"
1a: Sure we shouldn't bring this to trial?
1b: No dice

2a: May I try to beat your highscore?
2b: No dice

3a: Permission to follow?
3b: No dice

4: No dice, it landed on the tip.
by Lazareth Link February 10, 2005

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The act of putting all availble force into one attack.
1) To fire the whole arsenal at one target
2) To Launch all fighter planes against one military target.
3) To drop all availble bombs.
4) To deplete all potential firepower at once.
5) To fire a broadside.
by Lazareth Link March 06, 2005

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A typographical error that have evovled into a cute/funny way of writing evil.
1: "b" is located just beside "v" on a qwerty keyboard.

2: 2000 round per minute AND explosive rounds? Man, that is just ebil.

3: She hid the paper he intended to cheat at the exam with? Ebil.
by Lazareth Link February 11, 2005

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A word for a sentient non-organic humanoid not intended for warfare or any specific service and with no programmed restrictions.
A robot with a structure resembling that of a human. Two arms and two legs.
by Lazareth Link February 11, 2005

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1: A military manoeuvre intended to put stress on an enemy's defences.

2: A military manoeuvre intended to surprise an enemy
1: The general decided to do a traditional vice manoeuvre, quickly splitting his troops up in two equal sizes and ordering them to attack from two polar flanks.

2: It was night and the general decided to take the enemy base by surprise. He split up his troops in one smaller and one bigger size and ordered the smaller part to attack from the left flank while the bigger part prepared to take over the battlements from the right flank.
by Lazareth Link February 12, 2005

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