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If it has animals, there is furry porn of it. A subset of rule 34. Named for the furry imageboard e621.
"My niece couldn't spell Ratatouille so I Googled it for her, and we accidentally found Ratatouille porn. Why, internet, why?"
"Because rule 621."
by LaofMoonster August 29, 2013
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A road in Iselin and Edison, NJ, known for its large number of Indian residents and stores. Just by looking at the license plates, it's evident that people dive for hours to shop there.

Off of Oak Tree Road in Edison are the Hilltop Apartments. Most of the stores are in Iselin, but they've been spreading East into Edison, little by little.
Me: There are a lot of Indians in Edison, especially on Oak Tree Road.
Friend in India: I know, I've been there before.
Me: WTF?
by LaofMoonster January 15, 2009
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A fictional species of sentient, furry animals with canine and avian traits. Invented by Trancy Mick.

A sergal may eat or rape you, and possibly at the same time.
This sergal WILL rape you, and you WILL enjoy it.
by LaofMoonster October 29, 2010
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A grey pegasus pony and minor character in the cartoon series My Little Pony. She is best known for her clumsiness and cross-eyed gaze. Originally named Ditzy Doo, she quickly became a favorite among bronies. She likes muffins and delivering mail.
Derpy Hooves can count to muffin. She is not a clever pony.
by LaofMoonster March 30, 2011
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Refusing to view an article because it is published by a website, magazine, or newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch. A replacement article may have to be found if the article subject was interesting.
"Did you see this article in the Wall Street Journal? Firefighters rescued a puppy from a tree!"

"Nope, didn't see it, don't intend to. Murdoch blocked."
by LaofMoonster September 03, 2011
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