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soulsurvivor- n., last surviving soul, in a large armed military conflict; to whit, the end result for the last human soul to survive, is to carry the “souls”of all of the other brothers in arms that he served with, who did not survive.
For the family of Lt. Jones, his spotter, Lt. Smith, will always be a part of Lt. Jones, because he is the soulsurvivor of the battle Lt. Jones died in.
by LT. ZEE August 17, 2019
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n., organization; A specific (open-to-all players) Alliance of players, in the online game, Empires & Puzzles, TM; (property of Little Giant Games.)
“Dude! I am so sick of my bitchy Alliance! Nobody talks to each other! I’m leaving “Joe Blow’s Alliance”, and I’m joining the “soulsurvivors”! Those guys are tight!
by LT. ZEE August 17, 2019
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Stankbooger-3 (sta^aink-1)
(bou-geer-2), n., type of individual that has so many sex partners, they are a disgusting, walking, breeding ground for STD’s.
The girl next door is such a Stankbooger, that she has to sleep with the entire football team!
by LT. ZEE August 17, 2019
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“Aunt Ruthy”; adj., description;
If you are to describe someone as an “Aunt Ruthie”, you are describing a person who complains about the state of their own physical health, a hypochondriac and gives you descriptions, that are quite repugnant, of their inexhaustible lists of ailments, and the disgusting attributes associated with them.
Karen goes on and on about her disgusting ailments, what an “Aunt Ruthie”!
by LT. ZEE August 17, 2019
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