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Shitsville, Tennessee. A real fucking hole. not to be confused with CrapTown, Wyoming, Turd City, Michigan or Baisngstoke.
"So this is Afghanistan then"

"Yeah, welcome to Shitsville, Tennessee"
by KyralTim September 23, 2008
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To reach between a woman's legs, from behind, and grab her pubic mound.
-Dude, why have you got a black eye?

-Man, I was stood behind this stone cold fox going up on the escalator and just couldn't resist going for the beetle grab.
by KyralTim February 14, 2008
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What goes off when in the vicinity of a grade A cunt of the first water.
Sorry Mr Cruise, could you not sit so close as you keep setting off my cunt alarm.

by KyralTim February 13, 2008
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Hey, is that like a case for putting make-up in or something?

No my retarded girlfriend bought me a apple mac laptop. She must think I'm a bitch.
by KyralTim February 14, 2008
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To consume recreational drugs anally. To 'hoop' one's goodies.
I maximised a couple of pills a while ago and now I'm coming up like a bastard.

I maximised that special k but for all the good it did me I might as well have stuck it up my arse.
by KyralTim February 13, 2008
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