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when you are tired of using the word "fucking" you say shitty. So instead of saying wait a fucking minute you would just use the word "shitty"
"Just wait a shitty minute!!" screamed Kari.
by KyleK April 02, 2008
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FHFT - Frat House Fuck Toy

A girl who comes over to the frat house to fuck some of the brothers and she is always welcome over at the house because she is a huge whore and usually does more than one guy at a time.
"Who is that whore?" Said Josh
"Oh just one of the Saturday night FHFT's." Said Kyle
by KyleK July 07, 2008
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Steming from the words, "hax" and shit", from the long lost language of Epun. Normally, within the language Epun, a positive infinitive "hax" placed before any word, "core" for example. Adds on to the awesomeness of the subject being dubbed the name.

Such as the example "You're so hardcore, wait, no! You're haxcore!"

This is an unpressidented rule of the language. Any word with the infinitive "hax" placed before it, is automatically more awesome than it previously was. With this said, "haxshit" normally would be in the positive. Enforcing someone or something is so completely awesome in everyway, people shit themselves by the very sight of them/it.

Unforntunatly as with all languages, there are irregularities. Within Epun, "shit" is an irregular noun. When the infinitive, "hax" is placed infront of it, it does not enforce a positive, but infact completely reverses this rule and enforces that the subject/object being named is so UTTERLY shit that people want shit themslves and eat their own feces because it would be better than being in that subject/objects presense. When English was removing it's case system from the language in the 10th century, Dictionarians could not think of a word to describe said description. One of them, Truss, knew a bit of Epun because of her family history and decided to borrow haxshit into the english language, keeping it's exact meaning into the language.
Example 1:

Kyle: Manowar is a great band.
Ryan: Yeah, they're pretty good, but I don't like them overly. They are a bit too slow for me. I enjoy Dragonforce' music.
Ryan: they're so haxcore :)
Kyle: Dragonforce are haxshit, I can't beleive you listen to that shit you shit eater.
by Kylek February 04, 2006
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