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*takes a hit* ok theres gonna be this big yellow bird right. *smokes some more* and hes gonna talk to all the lil boys and girls.
by KyRo October 13, 2004
The Aynor Squat is the original incarnation of the Carolina Squat. One lonely and humid night a redneck wigger from UCLA (that’s Upper Conway-Lower Aynor), South Carolina got drunk on wood alcohol and raised the front suspension of his pickup truck 4 inches while simultaneously lowering the rear suspension by 4 inches, resulting in a steep rearward rake. It caught on with his illiterate friends and has since spread to many other parts of the Carolinas, resulting in the later development of the Carolina Squat.

The Aynor Squat renders a truck completely useless for carrying a payload as well as makes it very dangerous to drive because of reduced visibility over the hood and the headlights pointing at the sky.

The Aynor Squat is usually accompanied by worn, oversized mud tires, and in extreme cases of redneckness may be accompanied by a white LED light bar up top with either green or purple LED under-carriage lighting, although this option is only available in the extreme wigger trim.

The absolute top of the redneck spectrum is when the Aynor Squat is paired with a Dog Bluff red paint job. It is well documented that more trucks with the Aynor Squat are observed on Dog Bluff Road in Horry County, SC than any other road on earth. “Dog Bluff Red” is strictly an after-market color and is only offered by the Krylon and Great Value brands of spray paint, and is only known to be routinely sold at the Aynor Dollar General and the Upper Conway Wal-Mart.
Look at the Aynor Squat on that 2005 Sierra. Can you believe that these morons think that’s cool?

Yes, I can. Don’t forget that we are in the heart of UCLA here. Also, did you notice that it was painted Dog Bluff red?

I sure did. I hope they won’t reproduce. Maybe the wood alcohol sterilized them?

We can only hope.
by KyRo October 25, 2020
screwed introuble or at the mercy of another
i have to pay him 30 million dollars or i'll be castrated with a butter knife. Man my balls are in a vice grip
by KyRo October 18, 2004
Game over it is the highest level of go time someone is gonna die
Oh thats it its on like donkey kong
by KyRo October 18, 2004
To school or humiliate by dancing crazy moves such as line dancing to achy breaky heart
"There are severe servings here and here, but the worst serving occured here in the pelvic region"
by KyRo October 13, 2004
cool and sexy way of saying yes
by KyRo October 18, 2004