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(n.) A constellation of the imagination on ceilings with the bumpy paint. The larger paint blobs form the shape of a dolphin, more specifically, Flipper. This great fish can only be seen in the paint at a certain time of day when the shadow hits it just right.
"That one right there! I can see the Big Flipper"
"The big flipper?"
"Yea, like the dolphin"
by Kuhbaybay65 January 22, 2009

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1. (n.) An awkward bald man that works in a school building. Paces slowly around an open area until he stumbles upon two teenagers in a relationship. Tends to have knees bent backwards like a bird, and a head so shiny, diamonds are jealous. Generally has problems remembering names the moment the name is spoken to him. Do not let him touch you, or you will implode.
"Don't let bald guy see you hugging me."
by Kuhbaybay65 January 20, 2009

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A fuckboy can mean a lot of things. A fuckboy is that one ex that cheats on you and comes back 6 months later saying they made a mistake. A fuckboy can't do a load of laundry. A fuckboy has a red solo cup in one hand and is making some sort of weird gang sign with the other. They often go shirtless for no reason at all. They often wear sunglasses indoors when taking a mirror selfie. They think that girls want to see a picture of their really cool truck with tires the size of a small apartment. A fuckboy can cook pizza rolls and a hot pocket and nothing else.
"He doesn't even know how to wash his own clothes. He's such a fuckboy."
by Kuhbaybay65 May 22, 2015

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