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A really slacker way of saying "Nah, I'm gonna stay".
1: Yo, you gonna come with us to Tony's afterparty?

2: Namaste.
by Ks1994 July 19, 2011

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Teenage Viner who was a part of MAGCON along with other teenage viners like Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, etc. Most known for his vines of shouting where his Asian mom says "Cartah stop!"
Carter Reynolds is thirsty for Justin Bieber.

Carter Reynolds likes the booty.

"Cartah stappp don't do dat"
by Ks1994 April 18, 2014

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short for "steaming pile", or "steaming pile of shit"; something worthless
Yikes, this essay you wrote is a real steamer.
by Ks1994 February 14, 2011

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That little spot of pee that appears when you really have to go to the bathroom and some just sneaks out into your undies.
What the hell, Jane, what's with all those pre-pee stains on your underwear? You have a bladder problem, son?
by Ks1994 March 05, 2012

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A severely fucked up thing or situation. Originated on the Daily Show wth Jon Stewart.
Sudan is a turfucken of a country.
by Ks1994 January 17, 2011

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