5 definitions by Krackpipe

anal sex, up the bum, driving on the dirt track.
i've got a tatoo on my arse that says no rear entry, because im not gay.
by Krackpipe December 13, 2003
Meaning to urinate, or pee, most famously used by Homer Simpson.
Im going for a whizz, with the bathroom door open! HOMER SIMPSON
by Krackpipe December 13, 2003
Used by some in internet chat to signify that they are laughing so hard that they cannot breathe.

It is made of the words lol and orgasm fused together.
User A: Random funny shit
USer C: I lologasmed too!
by Krackpipe March 28, 2005
A british slang word, which has the same meaning as ass, which is bum.

Can be added to the end of a sentence, to contradict the meaning of the sentence.
im gonna kick your arse!
Ow, my arse hurts!
You'll marry him, my arse!
by Krackpipe December 13, 2003
Means hello, anything new in your life? Identical to wagwaan and wagwan, but is spelt wag1 on chat websites, because it is quicker to type.
Wag1, meh bedrins?
by Krackpipe December 15, 2003