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a dick that college seniors must take to graduate
God, she took that thesis so hard.
by Kooyle April 25, 2020

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an asian dudebro geography major writing about his meaning of place in America
Must be nice to be able to rope-a-dope for 22 years and still pull off that K.O. All of this fucking trouble for a single mic drop. Goddamn.
by Kooyle April 27, 2020

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a chronicle written by the winners of a conflict documenting the many ways why it's justified what the losers got
It's only a war crime if you lose, history should make that clear.
Seeing as she dumped him for playing too much Halo and smoking all her weed, he felt that they had too much history between them for a constructive professional relationship.
by Kooyle April 13, 2021

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