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A chick flick/sex in the city. I came up with it randomly.
My gf is watching another one of those vibrator movies again...
by Koopenstein monster January 09, 2010

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A place at the mall with cool shit. RC toys and cars, various tech toys, accessories, and relaxing massage chairs. Also, a dealer of vibrators and dildos for women ( or men ) too shy to got to a sex shop and buy a real dildo, or live too far away.

AKA, that place at the mall with the big massage chairs.
We went to the mall and just sat in the massage chairs for half an hour.

Sarah McHorny went to Brookestone to get a vibrator to masturbate with.

They got cool shit there!
by Koopenstein Monster October 23, 2010

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When someone writes something on wikipedia that is completely drunk as fuck and it completely or mostly false.

This was something I found while looking a list of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episodes.
While looking at a list of AOSTH episodes, I found this:

*0 / 12 November 1987-5 December 1992 "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Pilot Episode" Milton Knight
Sonic is the number one's favourite hedgehog in the planet mobius. He is the number one video game character ever as he saves the day of planet mobius.
Sonic Sez segment: Don't cross the streets looking both ways first

*1 / 23 "Heads Up Sonic!" Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly
Pilot episode. Sonic gives Tails a full tilt when Scratch falls into a floodway, Sonic rescues him and speeds off.
Sonic Sez segment: Don't drown in rushing waters.

*2 / 9 "Your Stuck Tails!" Robert Askin
When Sonic is in the hopsital after he is severly injured, Tails trys to run but gets his foot stuck on gum after he steps on it, he frees his foot himself. Sonic Sez segment: Don't touch sticky gum, You'll never know what happens.
The way Scratch holds a sign which says "Help" is a reference to the Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner.

*3 / 8 "Reference of the Missing Sonic" Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly
Cocounts kidnaps Sonic and it's up to Tails to stop him, Meanwhile. Robotnik creates a device that can spill water everywhere.
Sonic Sez segment: No References and Kidnapping, It's illegal.
*4 / 17 "Red Wireless 600" Jack Hanrahan & Eleanor Burian-Mohr
Sonic and Tails enter a NASCAR race to win 21,000 dollars to save a city as Robotnik threatens to shut it down.
-Damn Wikipedia drunk.
by Koopenstein Monster March 12, 2010

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stupid videos on youtube, usually by stupid frat brats who think they should destroy a VCR, usually a high end one, and post it on youtube. Usually done in an attempt to look cool and rip on will it blend? and be popularz,or to look cool by destroying something that can destroy itself. Usually, after the camera stops, they go and bust their manginas and fantasize about dicks in their assholes. Can apply to any video about several people destroying stuff that is probably stolen and excessive frat talk.
"This is a 1987 sharp VCR, sturdy build, and hard as my dick. We're going to open it up by smashing it randomly"

could of used that screwdriver they had up their ass!

what are you watching?
VCR Destruction. It's worse than 2 girls 1 cup!
by Koopenstein Monster May 17, 2010

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