The annoyingly wrong way to spell "Sex AND the City"
Kim: I LOVE that HBO show "Sex in the City"
Jane: Ummm its called "Sex AND the City"
by Carrie from SATC October 25, 2006
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A now retired HBO series in syndication that chronicles the life of four single heterosexual women living in New York City who behave like stereotypical single gay men living in New York City.
"Carrie, those Manolo Blahnik shoes are just to DIE for. Now let me tell you about all the guys I'm screwing..."
by rapmasta June 13, 2004
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It's a show about three hookers and their mom.
Brian Griffin nailed sex and the city. The girls have sex with anyone, and Kim Catrall looks 15 and is 10 years older than the rest of them.
by ut_bjorn December 7, 2006
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Walking on the sidewalk in a row instead of in a line, like people do on TV. It's particularly noticeable with Midwestern US tourists in East Coast cities, like New York, DC and Boston. People emulate what they see on TV especially Sex and the City rather than noticing the etiquette and block access for people trying to go around or walk in the opposite direction.
OMG could you please stop sex-and-the-citying it!
by alternabear May 2, 2017
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AN HBO series about four sexually-liberated yet generally miserable NYC women.
Most soccer moms fantasize about being one of the sex and the city characters. I don't know why - their lives are just as boring and empty
by greekmonkey April 9, 2004
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a show about 3 hookers and their mom
did u watch sex and the city last night

no i dnt watch porn with a plot
by symple jack March 14, 2009
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