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A succubus is a demon from Hell that occupies a female body. Succubi prey on emotionally weak men and steal their souls through sexual activity. They use the collected soul fragments to gain power and enslave more men. The four pillars of a succubus entity are Lust, Greed, Gluttony, and Selfishness. Succubi use psychological warfare to enslave men. Many succubi enter their host via an immensely strong link between a man and woman’s soul. Interestingly, the male prey can save a portion of his soul by evoking a satanic chant to sever this link permanently. Although it is not recommended and is extremely dangerous, as it leaves the males soul vulnerable to demonic possession as well. The male version of a succubus is called an incubus and the same definitions apply.
A: “I can’t believe that succubus stole a part of my boys soul”
B: “Luckily he severed the tie before it was too late, but the damage is done”
A: “It’s so sad”
by Kooolaide May 24, 2020

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A very average girl who gets treated like trash and some people feel bad for her. Many garbage girls developer superiority complexes to conceal feeling of inferiority.
Guy 1: Why do you like her bro? She’s a Garbage Girl. You can do way better.
Guy 2: IDK she makes me feel like I can’t do better.
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by Kooolaide May 16, 2020

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A whore
Wow that girl slept with 3 guys in one week what a Josie
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by Kooolaide May 17, 2020

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Satan’s birthday
Satan was born on June 25

Stay away from them, they were born on June 25
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by Kooolaide July 13, 2020

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