4 definitions by KittyKatBigBoi

when a texting conversation inexplicably stops with no reasoning probably due to phone battery, forgetfulness, or business but leads to text anxiety
Yeah I was texting Haley for a while until but now I think she's text ditching me
by KittyKatBigBoi January 2, 2009
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when a lady of arab culture sticks her cell phone into her head covering to use it like a bluetooth
oh cool, that lady is sportin the arab bluetooth
by KittyKatBigBoi May 24, 2009
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a computer virus that comes from watching porn
Man, all that lesbian porn Ziggy was watchin gave me a bitch glitch on my mac!
by KittyKatBigBoi December 4, 2008
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a person who repeatedly remembers songs from lame soundtracks or reality show instead of their true form
Goofus: I love that song Takin it to the Streets that Taylor Hicks sings

Gallant: That song is by the Doobie Brothers

Goofus: Who the hell is that

Gallant: You are such a Copyright Flamer
by KittyKatBigBoi January 2, 2009
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