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A homosexual woman
Lisa: Are you gay?
Amanda: Yep! I'm a proud lesbian!
by KitKat Ken August 16, 2016

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OG= Original In Meme Slang
"That's the 0G maker of that meme'
"He's the OG owner"
by KitKat Ken June 25, 2017

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A homosexual woman or man
Lisa: Are you gay?
Sammantha: Proudly!
by KitKat Ken August 09, 2016

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A thumb ring signifies that the wearer is a gay man or women.
It's how us flaming homosexuals find each other
Lisa: Why are you wearing a thumb ring? Are you gay?
Betty: Yup. I'm a flaming homosexual.
by KitKat Ken September 05, 2016

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An ugly girl who is shallow, mean, rude, and thinks everybody likes her. All the guys think she's ugly but she always thinks all the guys love her and that she's perfect and beautiful.
Guy 1 : Ugh look over there its Makayla.
Guy 2 : Ugh lets leave,I don't want to talk to her.
by KitKat Ken June 12, 2016

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