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A beautiful babygirl. Who mommy loves so much. Sammantha makes the world a better place, She such princess.
Sammantha is my babygirl.
by MommyLuvsSamBam February 04, 2010
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A cute, sweet, smart girl who tries to impress all. A typical over-achiever. However, she can be a quite "the female dog", when she has to be. Mostly a good party girl who loves to get fucked up. And it may not seem like it but shes a sex crazed woman who tends to pick guys that are great in bed.
Guy1: I was at a party with Sammantha from biology class last night and she was hooking up and getting drunk!
Guy2: She sounds like a good time, and shes cute too.
Guy1: Yeah I'd fuck her.
by apallo9090 July 27, 2011
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