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Finnish for sex on toast.
Think of Ville when putting butter on toast. Hes sexay.
by kirsten June 19, 2004

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Arabic for "father" or "daddy"
I love you, Babba!
by Kirsten February 05, 2004

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The act of murder through prescription medication, specifically through its overuse or misuse by innocent patients.
The FDA willingly allows pharmacide in order to fill their own pockets.
by Kirsten June 26, 2007

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When you mix Celebrity & Reality you get a new type of tv show. Better than reality because famous people are in it. According to VH1 that is.
VH1 Celebreality, not all reality is created equal..or some shit like that.
by Kirsten April 11, 2005

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Scottish word meaning "suck" but used as a noun - implies someone who is sucking or sooking up to someone else. A sook is a brown-noser.
You told the boss you liked her shoes just to make her like you. You're such a sook.
by Kirsten August 26, 2004

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Of or having to do with morphine, a severly addictive drug. Or like morphine or doing morphine.
Man-- this shit's morphic!
by Kirsten December 12, 2004

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a persnickity and sarcastic person
That Kiri needs to chill...
by Kirsten February 11, 2004

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