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Pertaining to a person or persons that are very perticular.
Oh, my God, quit being so fucking persnickity
by The Fear June 3, 2005
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To be intoxicated, to have the desier to get very drunk.
John had a hard day at work so he wanted to go to the bar and get persnickity.
by Orange44 March 10, 2008
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n. derogatory term for pale, nerdy high school student
profane unless used by a fellow pale, nerdy child
Melvin: Hey Drew! Do you want to check out my eggplant garden.
Drew: Shut up you persnicker.
by whiten'nerdy December 20, 2009
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basically anything that's sick is sickies, and if it's better then sickies it's persnickities....
Friend 1: I had sex with this hot chick last night
Friend 2: Sickies
Friend 2: I had sex with 2 hot chicks last night
Friend 1: Persnickities
by soxissickies April 10, 2010
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