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1. Sneaky, underhanded, aggravating person; 2. Brown-nosing toady.
1. "Hey, did you steal my lunch, you shitmonkey?" 2. "Better kiss more ass, shitmonkey, if you want that promotion."
by King Mob May 20, 2004

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1. (v.) To repeatedly and pointlessly spam a group of people in a network with information that they already have.

2. (n.) A spam campaign to a group of recipients within a network with information they already have.
1. "I'm going to zalewski the hell out of this memo."

"Man, I got zalewskied something fierce the other day."

2. "Don't pull a zalewski, or they'll come after you with pitchforks and torches."
by King Mob June 10, 2004

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To rely excessively on macros to do your work for you, often at the expense of common sense. (see also, macrobation, macrobater).
"Rudy, you really should stop macrobating; you'll go blind."
by King Mob June 10, 2004

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(v.) To seduce or romance.
"I was trying to aromatize you."
by King Mob May 25, 2004

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(n.) Willfully stupid and/or ignorant person.
"Why else would he vote for Bush? Cuz he's a Buick, that's why."
by King Mob October 18, 2004

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