14 definitions by King ADG

The sign for Super Straight. A straight person that only is sexually attracted to another straight person that is only identified as there natural born gender.
Person1: Hey are u gay?
Person2: respectfully §
Person1: okay
by King ADG March 1, 2021
by King ADG February 18, 2021
Is when you are multi cultured in something. Like music or lifestyle
Friend: You like this song?

You: yeah. I’m High Cultured
by King ADG September 19, 2020
Crispy as in something amazing, something that is heat, fire, The cleanest thing on planet earth, Sharp AF, dripped out
I be Qwisbie on them off days.
by King ADG August 14, 2020
A “Mona Lisa” is an extremely beautiful girl that is used to break down the defenses of your opposition to ether set them up or for her cause a form of harm to them. Explained in Lil Wayne- Mona Lisa
Send Mona Lisa to the club tonight. The opps will never except a snake with a pretty face.
by King ADG April 9, 2022