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Young kids turning into adulthood who think it's their parents responsibility to wipe their arse for them and try and guilt trip them into giving them whatever they want by threatening to commit suicide all the time and blaming them for being alive
That's one ungrateful little shit he needs a good beating
by KezaBash November 3, 2020
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Is a Jamaican and a Irish persons offspring ,

pad = paddy/Irish.
ardy = yardy/Jamaican.
half Jamaican and half Irish person
Meet our little padardy
by KezaBash November 3, 2020
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Power Anthony Kezabash Reeves , is smart, powered over all the odds for survival of the fittest,amazing,good looking, loved by all , a boxer family Jamaican daddy and Irish mummy who love him so much who will find his parents Kerrie Marie Thomas and Jimmy Anthony Reeves we love you Power Anthony KezaBash Reeves phone number for you Power 07760413121 we love and miss you son , victims of FORCED ADOPTION by the system for profit sorry son , we love you we love you we love you
by KezaBash November 3, 2020
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Someone who blames his parents for his shitty short comings never takes responsibility for his own crap , expects his parents to buy him everything and take all responsibility for everything he says and does ,so ungrateful unkind,rude and needs a good wake up call
That's one self pity boy
by KezaBash November 3, 2020
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She's seriously sexy gorgeous wicked and wild every girl wants to be her every man wants her ,best friend, doesn't like fake people, takes no nonsense, doesn't suffer fools, has beautiful children any man will be stupid to treat her badly there's only one Kerrie Marie Thomas
by KezaBash November 3, 2020
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Man makes woman's private parts fizz for excitement
Wow you got me all fizzy fanny
by KezaBash November 3, 2020
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