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The factor by which a male's hottness increases when he's in his uniform. On a scale of one to ten, a uniform usually increases a guy's number by 2. Can also be applied to non-military men in some uniforms.
Person 1: Check that guy out. He's a solid 7.
Person 2: Him? He's in my Spanish class. He's in AFROTC. On Tuesdays when he's in his dress blues he's a 9, atleast.
by Katie Holmes April 07, 2005

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Created by a student at Penn State, this phrase refers to some one (usually a male) who sports a "geek" look, but wears it well. While it can refer only to the overall look, it more appropriately refers to someone who not only sports a geeky-hot look, but is also very intelligent.
"Wow, check out that linguist. He is sooooo geek-chic with those rectangle frames."
by Katie Holmes February 18, 2005

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Abbrieviation for "pretty damn good". Can be used to describe anything from television shows to food. Synonym to "sweet" and "dec".
"That episode of Stargate last night where O'neill was stuck in that loop was pdg."

"Damn! Those cheesy potatoes your mom makes are pdg."
by Katie Holmes February 26, 2005

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To relieve one's self from a long odiferous piece of fecal material.
"Ugh! This house smells like crap! Man, next time turn on the fan after you drop a chode."
by Katie Holmes May 29, 2005

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