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The act of being optimistic yet still being such a sarcastic bastard you make sure they know your lying.
"God dammit Destiny I can't stand Stacy!"

"I know she is such a Sarcasmistic bitch!"

"Shes only jealous! Come on Destiny, lets go eat 4 pounds of ice cream, throw up, and then make out while pretending its not going to complicate our friendship!"

"Alright but this time I get to comfort your little brother when he walks in on us."
by Kamidarko January 25, 2009
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Idiosynchronus beings are something that is completely dependent on itself and uses all resources in a none waisting way.
I say Redginald Might you have seen that Idiosynchronus women on the telly last evening?
Why Yes I think I did Edward, the one that used the turkey to completely replenish the gaping hole in her stomach?
Yes yes thats the exact one!Quit a show that was.
Hmmm yes quit.
Mhhh yes indeed.
by Kamidarko October 12, 2008
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It is the equivalent of a slave, a bitch, a pushover, and in some cases a fuckie.
DB: Man I can't believe my summer was spent being the custodians Doughnut Bitch

G1:Thats true but man did being a Doughnut bitch make you look gooooood~ *winkandsnap*

DB: why do I hang out with you?

G1: I WANT YOUR BABIES (Ö)<----- insert here
by Kamidarko January 23, 2009
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