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"What do you think of that?" or "How does that make you feel?"

Originated by a few scumbags that shouted the phrase at a couple kissing (they later both agreed it was good). Later tried to be made into an everyday saying by a mutual friend.
"Ugh, I have work tomorrow."
"How's that taste?"
"Bitter. My job is so boring."
by kailey August 18, 2004

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Bert Mccraken, sexy beast. Wonderful singer, I wish to fuck him. He promised me a fuck......I still want it. I'm waiting Bert............(waits)
sings *I love you Bert!* *I love you so much!* *BERT YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE FOR ME!!* (sang in out of tune voice, much unlike Bert's)
by Kailey April 12, 2005

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after to men have dirty anal sex and the ones dick is covered in shit
'erin and g went in the hezze fo da night and one o them came out with a brown crayon'
by Kailey April 21, 2003

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a female pimp that pimps guys
when a female is pimpin a nother guy and she has a nother guy and a nother guy...
by kailey September 20, 2004

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a suck ass town that i happen to live in

extremely jappy and thinks they're the shit

filled with wiggers
"wow that girl think she black or some shit yo, she need a skin check" (wow ur white too)
by kailey January 24, 2005

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