4 definitions by Kachonga

A stabbing done to somebody as a punishment. Not practiced by the law, but rather individuals.
He shot my father so I gave him some British Justice
by Kachonga November 28, 2020
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1. A nice game used in many dead memes

2. A sex position probably, like everything else on Urban Dictionary
1. Hey Oliver, wanna play among us after school?

2. Ah I'm edging, time to do the among us
by Kachonga December 21, 2020
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The troll face entity released in an event some undeterminable amount of time ago. Stay in shelter and make minimal noise, he is dangerous and it is not guaranteed that you will be given a quick and painless death. Covering yourself in oil is theorised to protect you.
by Kachonga December 21, 2020
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