A deep philosophical question, it's the questioning of whether or not hair colouring effects your spiritual aspects in any form. Gingers are particularly a curious bunch and the Grand Council is constantly debating whether or not they even have souls, let alone how powerful or potent it is.

The current conclusion is "maybe" although current tests are so far proving negative results. After several sacrifices of volunteering gingers, soul value has yet to be seen. Grand Council member Isaac Pincledic has documented this and has come to the conclusion they probably don't, or if so it's smaller than your average Wisp or Fairy.

"Being a Ginger is basically the gods' way of saying 'Fuck you' it seems" Dr. Pincledic explained. "We are still testing however, as we got one soul so far. Selective breeding camps have been made, now we just play the waiting game."

These camps found at the centre of Mount Doom are now the primary testing/sacrificial grounds, they allow the Grand Council to test with various types of gingers in various demographics. Promising news was found in which several "Ginger Grannies" were found to indeed possess soul value, Dr. Pincledic has come to the conclusion that the reason these grandmas are so sweet is because of the rise in soul value, further testing as been initiated.
"We must ask ourselves. Do gingers have souls?"
"Gingers have souls!"
"Only the grannies"

~Argument between a meme and Isaac Pincledic.
by Dusk Ealain October 11, 2016
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Yes, they do
Do gingers have souls? I doubt it
by Yeahface October 6, 2010
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