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This is a rule that occurs many times a day across the United States and the rest of the civilized world.

The Skip One Rule (aka. The Skip One Law) is put into effect when you are in a mens room and there is more than a 1:2 men to urinal ratio.

The Law states that in the event of selecting a urinal, there must be a one urinal gap between other occupants of the mens room.

There have been cases in which the breaker of the Skip One Rule has been called out violently and eventually brutally beaten to death by a bathroom shy paranoid-schizophrenic in an event very similar to road rage.

There are a few exceptions dealing with extenuating circumstances to this rule for example:

1) If you are intoxicated this law, and all other laws do not apply.

2) In a trough style urinal situation. When urinating into a trough one should try his best to urinate at a 45* angle away from the nearest fellow urinater, remember NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT!

3a) Huge sporting event restrooms, chances are you don't know the guy next to you and you will never see him again this tends to free up some inhibitions.

3b) It's OK to take a leak right next to another man if you are in a hurry to get back to the ball game. Disclaimer: During halftime this rule is dissolved.

4) If the urinals in question have large dividers and are more than 5.5 feet apart from center mast then they are fair game.

Warning: none of these exceptions apply when dealing with a Bathroom Shy Paranoid-schizophrenic so be careful.
Bathroom Shy Paranoid-schizophrenic: "What the FUCK are you doing?!?!"

Unaware stranger who just broke the rule: " I'm trying to take a piss."

Bathroom Shy Paranoid-schizophrenic: "What?, Your looking at my dick, why are you so close to me, What The Fuck!!!!"

Unaware stranger who just broke the rule: "Where did you get that knife?, No No Shit Noooooo!"

Bathroom Shy Paranoid-schizophrenic: "Don't tell me what to do bathroom sink, you don't even know me."

Unaware stranger who just broke the rule (now bloody and dying): "Damn I forgot the Skip One Rule"
by K1LL_4_FUN March 01, 2011
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To attempt a Dirty Pepper Salad one needs to have a "dirty girl", a bottle of Tabasco Sauce, and an appetite for anal destruction.

First you need to apply the Tabasco Sauce to the dirty girls asshole (its best for the girl to be drunk at this point to avoid a violent struggle). After the Tabasco Sauce is applied liberally, go to town tossing that Dirty Pepper Salad.

Caution: Do not go near a Dirty Pepper Salad with your wiener, if wiener contact is unavoidable, don't be a fool wrap your tool.

The Dirty Pepper Salad has also been called the "Spicy Brown Eye" and in China it has been called "General Tso's Dirty Nephew".
Mary: "Why do you have that Tabasco Sauce?"

Buck: "I like my Dirty Pepper Salad nice and HOT!"
by K1LL_4_FUN February 27, 2011
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A Brown Eye Back Fire is when you take a dump and when the poop hits the water in the toilet it splashes up on your butthole. It is the most disgusting feeling in the world that everyone you’ve ever met has experienced.
Guy on toilet: “(splash) AHHHHHHHH”

Guy’s wife: “What’s going on in there?”

Guy on Toilet: “Fucking Brown Eye Back Fire.”
by K1LL_4_FUN March 22, 2011
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The Pink Eye Pearl Harbor is most easily described as a sneak attack.

A Pink Eye Pearl Harbor is when you sneak into a friend, sibling, or roommates room while they are sleeping, bend over, spread your cheeks' and let er rip right in the face of the unaware sleeper.

When the unlucky bastard with shitty friends wakes up he will have a face full of fecal matter and a beginners case of the dreaded Pink Eye.

An "Ultimate" Pink Eye Pearl Harbor is achieved when the attacker is of Asian decent and he pulls of the attack on a Sunday morning.
Sizuki: "Bansai!!!"

Chris: "Awww whats on my face?"

Sizuki: "Bansai!!"

Chris: "Fuck did you Pink Eye Pearl Harbor me?"

Sizuki: "Ultimate."
by K1LL_4_FUN March 02, 2011
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Greasy Guido Tears are produced whenever a member of the "Jersey Shore" cries uncontrollably. Greasy Guido Tears can be caused by any number of things, intoxication, break-ups, lack of hair gel, ect.

Greasy Guido Tears roll down from the eyes through all the makeup, fake tan spray, steroid juices, and greasy skin that the cast of Jersey Shore wear and by the time they reach the ground they have the same affect on the environment as acid rain.
Bill: "Did you see how much Ronnie cried last night on Jersey Shore?"

Todd: "Yeah dude I usually like watching fake tough guys cry, but that shit is bad for the environment"

Bill: Totally, Greasy Guido Tears fall like acid rain and kill the indigenous plants and wildlife"

Todd: "Don't talk about Ronnie like that bro, GTL is my way of life"
by K1LL_4_FUN February 27, 2011
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African-Roulette is no laughing matter, it is one of the most dangerous games in all of the world; it is estimated that nearly 10,000 Africans die each year as a direct result of losing in African roulette.

African-Roulette is when a man has heterosexual intercourse with another consenting adult without a condom, the only catch is that the woman is African, which means that there is an 86.3% chance that she is HIV+.

When a man takes a chance like this and loses he dies 99.999999% of the time, Infact the only documented case of a someone living for more than six months after losing at "AR" is the "Magic Man" himself Magic Johnson, who actually set an international record for most "AR" wins in a row with 5, (two of which were three-ways).
"Hi kids my name is Magic Johnson and if you want to grow up like me you should play African-Roulette on the reg."-Magic Johnson
by K1LL_4_FUN February 27, 2011
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A Snake Skin Surprise or The Dirty Snake Skin is when you amass a collection of used condoms, preferably used during anal sex, and then you leave them in strange unsuspecting areas.

A Snake Skin Surprise is best when it is a subtle suprise, so instead of putting the snake skin in the bathroom sink you should put it in a box of cotton swabs, or underneath a box of razor blades.

Other good spots to leave a Dirty Snake Skin are: behind a TV, underneath couch cushions, in glove boxes, toothpaste drawer.
Why the hell is this there a Snake Skin in my sock drawer?

Snake Skin Suprise
by K1LL_4_FUN March 02, 2011
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