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The Game Comin street Outta Compton, found by dr. dre
Dre signed to aftermath and dre wanted to make game big and he new 50cent was so he put him in gunit which worked for a lil while, but game didnt like 50cent talkin shit to everyone outta NY beside him & gunit, 50 heard game and didnt like game workin wit Nas, so 50 was done wit game and kicked game out. Game was fine and rebound with Youknowhatitis Vol. 3, Ghost Unit, Stop Snitchin'Stop Lyin' mixtape with also a documantary Stop snitchin' stop lyin'
Dissin gunit through all the mixtapes, he had DJ Skee and also came DJ Clue, Game asked for Blackwallstreet and he got that and has signed many includin Technique and others,
he has M.O.B and Rock star all over his mixtapes dissin Bleek,50,Banks,Yayo,Budden, Sure Knight,Young gunz and lil bit to Young Buck,
The Game Poison Bannanas
Tony Yayo
Get out the way ho
Lloyd Banks just got shot
Technique pass the mack
And aim it at Curtis Jack
You ain't right
Trying to be Frank White
You getting smacked
Little accident murderer
I just now heard of ya
And the next time you disrespect the west, E serving ya
You better lay low
Cause the M.O.B. got some killers on the payroll
I put a million dollar hit on you snitches
Show you why we call ourselves Money Over Bitches

by K.O.KING April 18, 2006
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yea moe like Mobb WEAK for signing wit G-unit
Mobb deep one of the best rappers messin'up there career becuz he signed wit g-unit
A:You hear who signed wit gunit
A: Mase and mobb deep
B: heel no
by K.O.KING April 5, 2006
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Houston texas rapper that doesnt have much talent that repeats his name in every song he is in or is his.
The only good song he has made is Back Then and that was just ok, Chamillionaire is way betta than paul wall and mikes combined, mike jones has appeared on prison break the tv series and has made a fool
by K.O.KING April 5, 2006
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Houston Texas had on his bak, shyt mane
lil flipper has done nothin but gotta betta since he came in tha game, Him and Chammillionare own houston texas.
Oh yeah and fuck T.I., Flip freestyle and raps way betta than him

You'z a Trick
What it do Feat Mannie Fresh
Chammillionare- turn it up Feat Lil Flip
Game Over Remix feat young buck, and Bun B
The way we ball
Chammillionare- turn it up Feat Lil Flip
Lil' Flip
When it's time to hit the club I let my chain hang
If they got clovers on they neck we in the same gang
I'm 20 deep in V.I.P. puffin' Mary Jane
Splinters still in my hand from my woodgrain
I got homies on the West who like to gangbang
And I got homies on the East who do the same thang
I told Johhny put 50 in my pankyrang
5 karot diamond chain vvs is in it mayne
You know I rep the dirty dirty where they move cane
You know we mix purple stuff in that blue drank
Hipnotic, Big Bodies with Blue paint
We got that oomp spray, but it still stank
You a lame so yo dame playin mind games
Ima pimp so I stay in that mindframe
Niggaz talk shit untill I let that nine bang
Me and Duke in that maybach switchin lanes
by K.O.KING January 11, 2006
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A form member of big tymers, left cash money for B.G.
he is a dj and you can call him the new nate dogg because he
does mostly chorus but he came out with a cd in 2004 the mind of mannie fresh which was pretty good cd, he use to work a lot with lil wayne,Baby and with people from cash money
:here that new mannie fresh beat
;what one there so similar
by K.O.KING April 4, 2006
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PSP -Play Station Portable
Yo you got one these, than you fly like mafucker
the psp battery last 20x better than an ipod and if
you dont have a good memory stick, than jack one mayne

yall whak mafuckers, aint stole nuttin in ur life
fuck yall definitions out there, shit mayne i can talk real
:you heard about the psp
:shit mayne, best shit since N.W.A.
by K.O.KING April 4, 2006
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Andre & Big Boi members of Outkast
There ATLiens
there shit is crazy, their style is different from everyone else
A; mayne whats ur fav joint from dem outkast?
B; mayne dat atliens, elevators,Ms jackson, B.O.B.,
whole world , shit mayne too many
by K.O.KING April 24, 2006
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