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( ˈtē\-ky-də; translation: "debase") is a American semi-militant semi-Christian mostly nutty organization founded by David H. Koch, and drug addict Glenn Beck at some point after President Barack Obama's election of 2008, and some say even earlier. It operates as a network comprising groups of racist, crazy militants and a radical Christian movement calling for American religious state with strict interpretation of Christian law or the Wild Wild West. It has been designated as a terrorist organization by real Americans and most in other countries.

Tea-Qaeda has attacked civilian that believe in true freedom and equality for all and government targets in various states, including the latest attack by Ted Cruz with the government shutdown which has cost Americans $24 billion, blocking marriage equality at every opportunity and working to block healthcare for poorer Americans. The U.S. government responded to the attacks by launching Obamacare. With the outing of key leaders and bank rollers, real Americans have started to see Tea-Qaeda for what it is, racist, homophobic, dumb poor folks who watch to much TV and don’t know or care how to fact check something. Tea-Qaeda's operations have devolved from a manufactured group by drug addict Glenn Beck, (bank rolled by rich old white folks that could give a rats butt about those in the spewing there vomit) to something more akin to monkeys flinging poo at a window.
by Equality for All October 17, 2013
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