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that one dress every girl has, and every girl knows exactly how to use. men melt in the presence of a woman in her LBD, and she usually accesorises it with hair flipping and giggling.
Damn, girl, you look fly in that little black dress.

I've never seen her look as sexy as she did in the little black dress.
by JoviJava February 18, 2006

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Noun: a bleach-blond actress in her late forties. she's not a very convincing, or even good actress.
Verb: to suddenly break up with someone, and spread it around before they know you've dumped them.
Did you see that movie with Heather Locklear in it? I avoided that thing like the Plague.

Maria: hey, anna, i'm dumping jason.
anna: wow. that's sudden.
(a few days pass and everyone knows about the break-up)
jason: dude, did she pull a Heather Locklear on me?
by JoviJava February 18, 2006

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a plus-sized model. an overweight or obese fashion model, usually around a size 16-18, rather than the supermodel standard size 0.
liv tyler is a moodel.
by JoviJava July 26, 2007

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a crazy environmentalist child, usually straightedge but typically sexually psychotic. listens to emo headbanger music and popular music. dresses like an emo hooker!
yo, emilator, rape ya later!
by JoviJava October 24, 2008

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a kick ass rock band, whose twenty year career spawned 5 number one singles and eleven top ten hits, fourteen albums and sold one hundred million records. the band members are: lead singer, jon bon jovi. lead guitars, richie sambora. keyboards & pianos, david bryan. drums/percussion, tico torres. bass guitar, hugh mcdonald. (formerly alec john such)
Dude, did you go to the Bon jovi concert last night? it ruled!
by JoviJava September 17, 2005

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