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A term used to define a little black dress which most woman posess.The dress is most likely overworn but always seems appealing especially when added with acessories such as bangles and clutch purse.
An LBD is mentioned in a N-Dubz song " I Need You"
Tulisa: "You left me standing in my LBD and my bang bang shoes"
by JustSaying18 June 26, 2010
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Lesbian Bed Death
when two lesbian are together for a long time and stop having sex...
i'm experiencing L.B.D. and i've only been w/ her for 5 months.
by whilykitt October 08, 2005
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LBD: Little Black Dress. A knee-length or shorter black dress, suitable for cocktail parties, etc.
The hunt for the perfect LBD has ended--I've got it!
by paginapagina October 22, 2005
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Lesbian Bed Death.
"First it dries up, then it shrivels up, then it closes up, then it disappears. Poof."
-Queer as Folk

Lesbian: Ever since my partner gave birth, we've been having troubles with our sex life.
Gay man: Uh oh, looks like someone's experiencing LBD.
Lesbian: Dude, shut up.
by little_one January 04, 2008
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Lazy Bastard Disorder

An able bodied person who has no ambition to do anything, but wallow in laziness. Essentially becoming a lazy bastard.
Hey man you talked to Greg? Man, I haven't seen Greg since April dumped him. She said he had L.B.D.!

Jason: Who's the guy that sleeps on the couch?

Paul: Um I don't know his name, but I know he's got a real serious case of L.B.D.!
by HollywoodScoob February 04, 2010
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